Henry-21I cannot express enough how much I loved this family session with Holly, Andy and baby Henry. When Holly first described the old farm house they live at in Lovettsville it sounded like an awesome backdrop for family photos, but upon arriving at their home it was more than I could have even imagined. Walking around the property it was so hard to choose where to start first.

But before we could even do that, Holly had already cooked breakfast for everyone. Along with hot coffee it was such a nice welcome on an early Sunday morning. While we ate and chatted about life Holly and Andy also started telling me some of their ideas for photos. They mentioned that Henry absolutely loves riding on Andy’s John Deere tractor, so I knew we were going to have to get some photos of him on it. Little did I know it would also be my first ride on a tractor as we decided to also get some shots of the family of three in the cornfield next to their house.

I asked Holly and Andy how they’d found such an amazing property and they actually had been driving back to their Reston home from a camping trip when they stumbled upon the Farm house. The owner gave them a tour that day and they decided right then and there to go for it. The interior of the home has the original wood beams and so many other charming details. It also is home to some chickens and the family’s two sheep dogs all of which made an appearance during our time together.

This session was SO much fun and unlike any other I’ve done to date. And Henry’s big, bright baby blues aren’t so bad either. Thanks for letting me capture you and your little guy Holly and Andy!

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