savor each and every moment
of youR wedding day?

Are you looking for a wedding photographer who will help you slow down and

Soaking it all in is a musT, 
and I will help you do just that!
So, Let's get Going Friend! 

Hi! I'M Kate!

I promise to pour my heart into your wedding day. To create an unforgettable experience. One that leaves you feeling like you didn’t just hire a photographer, but gained a friend who has your back.

Someone who will capture the squeals of laughter, but also those in between tender moments. All while helping you relax, feel like the best version of yourself, be present, and have so much fun making the memories you'll want to relive over and over again. 

Because I have stood where you are standing. I wore the dress that made my parents cry. I danced to the band who made the dance floor shake. I laughed out loud with Tyler when we were announced as Mr. and Mrs. and 8 years later, it’s still hands down the BEST day of my life. 

 And I am ready to do the same for you because it's YOUR TURN!

I'm a Charleston wedding photographer serving big-hearted and ridiculously in love couples who want those stop-you-in-your-tracks images, but also to be undeniably present on their wedding day. 

ps - can't wait to dance to
"party in the usa" at your reception?

Me too! 

(I knew we'd be besties!)

Meet Kate:

The Hype Girl Behind the Lens

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My Story

It honestly makes me emotional to think that it's not only my job to embrace you and the people you love, but my God-given calling.

But it wasn't always like that. Five years ago we had our first son Hudson. I was a second grade teacher and suffering from postpartum depression. In an attempt to feel like myself again, I picked up a camera. Except I had no idea what I was doing.

So I took a class called "Momtography" (not a joke) and posted some pics to the gram. That turned into trading a Christmas card photo shoot with my neighbors for a bottle of wine (also not a joke). At the end of the year I resigned to take my side hustle full time.

And that leads us to you...

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I still genuinely can’t believe I get to show up to your wedding and spend time with you and your favorite humans on the planet. If you’d told me back then I would have my images published in Southern Bride and Charleston Weddings Magazine, I wouldn't have believed you.

But those accomplishments pale in comparison to the community of Kate Dye Couples I have built. I’ve not only had the honor of helping them live out their wedding dreams, but I whole heartedly consider them friends.

 And that? That is EVERYTHING. 

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If you're new around here, there are a few things you should know about me

I Wholeheartedly Believe...

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... love is love and our differences make us beautiful.
Couples of all sexualities, races, gender identities, and religions are welcomed and celebrated here.


... the experiences you have with the people you love will always mean more than material things.


... in printing your photos, hanging them on your walls, and walking by them just to put a smile on your face when you’re having a really bad day.


... in a pancake breakfast every Sunday morning.
The more butter and syrup the better. 


... in the power of a handwritten note and the magic it can bring to someone's day. 

Follow Along with Our 

There's more to me than jusT Photography...

because if you aren't having fuN, you aren't doing it right. 

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Friday Night Lights! Texas Forever!

Thomas Rhett, T-Swift, JT, and Kacey Musgraves. Live shows are my JAM!

The Bachelor! Check out my insta stories for live commentary!

Guilty Pleasure

Favorite Charleston Lunch Spot

Netflix Binge I've Done More Than Once

Concerts I'd Never Miss

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Basic Kitchen. The cauliflower wings will change your life!!

La Croix. I always have more than one empty can around me!

Nasvhville! The live music and talent can't be beat!

Personal vows get me every time. And the parent dances!

Fave Charleston Street

Drink of Choice 

City to Visit

Favorite Wedding Moments

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Tradd Street.  It's the dreamiest !

 Cannonborough Collective. The cutest spot with the cutest things!

Dirty Dancing. Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner!

Having pizza and movie night with my boys! 

Greece or Italy. Please don't make me choose!

Dream Vacation Destination

Favorite Charleston Spot to Shop Small

Movie I'll Watch a Million Times

On Fridays You'll Catch Me

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to know me is to also know

this is who i do life with, and honestly? Without them, not much else matters.

My Three Boys


My one and only

• Virginia Tech Grad, just like me! Go Hokies! 
• Video Game Aficionado
• Diehard DC Sports Teams Fan
• My Biggest Supporter


my OG side kick

• Five years old
• Super Hero Fanatic
• Rides his scooter on the daily
• Negotiates dessert better than
anyone I know


the little Dude

• Two years old
• The Mischievous One
• Copies everything his older brother does
• Never met a meal he didn’t like

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Charleston wedding photographer serving big-hearted couples, photography educator serving my #rideordyestudent crew, and mom of two serving Chick-fil-A more than I'd like to admit.



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