Glam Downtown Charleston Engagement

What I wouldn’t give to be back at this engagement session at this very moment with Molly and Mike. We walked around the streets of downtown Charleston without a care in the world laughing and chatting about their fall wedding, and it oddly seems like it was just yesterday, but also a million years ago all at once. Molly and Brian were in town visiting from Connecticut where they live now, but also had family in town for the weekend from the Midwest. I’m SO happy these two were able to fit this all in before we all began our quarantine at home.

Molly and Mike, even though these current days are much different than the one on which we were taking these pictures of the two of you, I have secretly loved watching the two of you play Jenga on your instagram stories and making the best of out the current situation that we’re in. Maybe it’s because every time we try to play Jenga at my house there’s a two year old who knocks it down before we can even start, but either way, it’s super cute and I love it haha! I CANNOT wait to be at the William Aiken House with you later this fall! Until then, may the odds be ever in your favor when stacking blocks!


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