If the phrase, “You can’t rain on my parade,” was made for anyone, it had to have been made for Lizzie and Kyle. The skies may have opened up on their wedding day at Sky View Golf Club in Sparta, NJ, forcing all outdoor plans to move indoors, but you would never know it by looking at these two on their wedding day. I have NEVER seen a bride laugh more than Lizzie did, and by default those around her as well. But really you guys, just look at these pictures and you’ll see what I mean.

From literally the first few minutes of walking into Lizzie’s getting ready room I knew I was in for a good time. That’s because the very first thing I was asked to do was place a Back to the Future shirt over Lizzie’s dress during detail photos and get a picture of her reaction.  While she was laughing hysterically I found out it was a running joke between her and Kyle and they pass the shirt back and forth by hiding it for each other in their bags or closets or really anywhere, never knowing where Marty McFly’s sweet red vest is going to end up. Later in the day the laughing continued when Kyle’s present to Lizzie exploded into a pop of confetti. It was just that kind of day. And don’t worry Lizzie, I won’t post any pictures of what we were all dying laughing of in the bridal suite while your mom and sister helped you get ready, but you are seriously the best haha!
After they exchanged vows and the party had begun to celebrate the new Mr. and Mrs. Turso, the maid of honor and best man speeches were also some of the funniest I have ever heard. And I hear a lot of speeches! Listening to Lizzie’s sister, Jessie, tell about her antics during a trip to Philadelphia, or Kyle’s best man, Billy, tell about the night Kyle wooed Lizzie, everyone in the room was doubled over in laughter, including myself. And just to put the icing on the cake of how much fun this wedding was, guests picked up their table numbers on candy apples at a table saying, “Now let’s get in formation,”. Nods to Queen B? Well done, Lizzie.
Lizzie and Kyle, thank you so much for allowing me to a part of the start of your forever. Both of you, and both of your families made me feel like I was more than just your photographer. I truly felt like a friend who was being welcomed into your circle, and that is something that makes my job amazingly special. I have no doubt your lives together will be filled with a lot of love, a lot of fun, and of course, a whole lot of laughter. And there’s really no other way life should be.


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