From the very first time Kristin emailed me about her upcoming wedding to Mike I knew that I wanted to shoot it. There was just something about her that I connected with and made me want to be there on their big day. We had so much in common including the fact that they live up in Arlington, Virginia, where I lived for quite a while following college, but more than that I just knew that we would get along. And I was right. Because from the second they stepped out of their car bright and early on the Sunday of their sunrise engagement session in downtown Charleston, these two just literally lit up the morning around them with their smiles. It’s true. And as a testament to just how amazing the two of them are, and how much fun I had with them, I’m not sure if I’ve ever spent as much time walking around with a couple for their engagement session as I did with Kristin and Mike. You guys we shot for three hours. Three hours. I will let that sink in.

During our time together, Kristin and Mike were literally up for anything. Mike even threw out some ideas of his own for photos including lifting Kristin in the middle of Hampton Park. Kristin was a little apprehensive at first, but when I told him that was just about the best idea he could have had, clearly excited about what I was about to capture, Kristin did me the ultimate honor by trusting me that it was going to be great. And y’all. IT WAS. Just take a look below.

And I have to give big props to Kristin because the day that we took their photos was actually the first day that Charleston actually had a chill in the air. She was such a trooper taking off her jacket right before we’d get set up and then putting it back on in between to warm up. Kristin, you killed it.

I often say that if I can leave a session and know that the groom didn’t mind taking photos, or even better, he actually had fun, that I have done my job for the day. So imagine my excitement when I got a text from Kristin saying Mike had said he’d do more photos again in the future because he had so much fun. Well, I could say my job is done here. But it’s not. Because on September 6th of next year, you’re going to get that chance Mike. And so will you Kristin. And you better believe a little lift picture will be involved. And I CANNOT WAIT. See you two at Canon Green! But until then, enjoy some of my favorites!


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