One question I get asked a ton is  whether or not I do just engagement photos even when I am not shooting the couple’s wedding. And that answer is a resounding YES!!! I realize that Charleston is such a popular destination for couples traveling to spend some time together in, and that it’s a beautiful city to have your photos taken in even if you aren’t getting married here. Carolyn and Darrel were one of those couples. In such a small world kind of way Carolyn is friends with a girl who is  friends with my old sorority sister. So when Carolyn and I hopped on the phone to discuss shooting their photos while they were here for a friend’s wedding we made plans to meet downtown to stroll around together for some gorgeous shots.

I don’t know what it is about the DC area, but I end up meeting a ton of people who come down here to get married or vacation, and Carolyn and Darrel are just the latest. Being that I used to live up there prior to moving here to Charleston, it’s always something we end up talking a lot about. It’s fun to connect with people in that way, and I must say I had an awesome time with these two.

Since I’ve posted a few of these photos on my instagram people are always commenting what a gorgeous dress Carolyn was wearing and I couldn’t agree more! Something about that color just lit up, much like these two did around each other. I even decided to use these photos on my outfit inspiration page for a Bridal guide I am putting together for my brides.

Carolyn and Darrel, thanks for being an honorary #kdyecouple. Carolyn, I’m going to be stalking your instagram later this year to see all of your gorgeous wedding photos. I just know you’re going to make a stunning bride and I can’t wait to see it. Thanks for spending some time with me in Charleston, and I hope these photos always remind you of a trip well spent in the Holy City!


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