What to Include in Your Photography Client Welcome Guides

Last week we talked about the fact that having a Welcome or Experience Guide is the number one way to prep your clients in order to not only get better results, but also happier clients. 


Because how you make them feel is exactly how they’re going  to feel about their images. So if they’re walking into their session feeling confident, trusting in you and your expertise,  and knowing they’re in good hands, half of your battle is already won. 


There’s specific categories of information that can do just that, so let’s break it all down for you:


1. Speak directly to their fears and pain points.


If I had a dime for every time a client said, “we’re really awkward in front of the camera” or “we don’t know how to pose,” I’d be freaking Real Housewife status rich already, and I’m sure it’s no different for you. But it makes sense because 99% of our clients are going into their sessions feeling nervous. If you can speak directly to those nerves, tell them we will guide and coach them through it all and that they have nothing to worry about, we are able to calm those nerves before they even get to their session.


Another big fear for family photography clients is their kids not behaving or smiling. Think about what you can include that speaks directly to this pain point and how you can solve it. By doing this, you’re already providing more than just pretty images.


2. Answer their questions


Try to anticipate what questions your clients are going to have for you. This is going to save you time with back and forth emails,  AND it will also set you up as the expert meaning you can steer your clients in the direction that works best! 


Here are a few questions you should answer and how you  can set your clients up for success:


  • What should we wear? Guide your clients towards what they’ll feel the most CONFIDENT in! 


  • What locations are good for our shoot? Feature your   FAVORITE spots to shoot at, but also let them know if there’s a spot that’s special to them that’s also an option.


  • What time of day to shoot? Use this as an opportunity to steer your clients toward golden hour and away from midday.


3. Final Reminders for their Session


Think of this as final prep tips and tricks that will both set you up for success, but also will keep your clients happy! For example, reminding clients to show up early and take traffic and parking into consideration will protect your time, and something like bringing flats to walk around in instead of heels will ensure the comfort of your client. You can fill them in on what appointments can be made (think hair/makeup) to add to their experience. And don’t forget to tell them to do something fun afterwards! Think a dinner date out for couples or ice cream for families!


4. What to Expect Next


Fill your clients in on when they’ll be receiving a sneak peek of their photos, and when they can expect their full gallery as well. This is a great way to both avoid them emailing you to ask these questions, but also to surprise  and delight them. If you tell them to expect their gallery three weeks, surprise them by delivering it in one! This is also a great time to bring up albums and prints, and put it in your clients’ heads that this is an option!


No matter what you decide to put in your in your Welcome or Experience guide, know that it’s truly one of the BEST ways to easily step up your Client Experience leading to Ride or Dye Clients and kick butt reviews. 


Ready to start gathering reviews about how your client experience feels? Grab my 5 tips to getting better client reviews below!


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