One of the best things about becoming a photographer has been meeting so many wonderful new people, but it’s also given me the chance to reconnect with old friends as well. I couldn’t believe it when I received a Facebook message from Jason asking me to photograph his daughter’s Baptism. This wasn’t just someone I went to high school with… this was my Junior prom date! Someone who once told me I looked beautiful in a baby blue ball gown… not my best fashion moment… so you know he’s a good guy!

Despite only living 20 miles away from each other I hadn’t seen Jason in years. I hate to admit that living so close to DC I don’t take advantage of going in the city enough, so it was so much fun to head into Dupont Circle on a beautiful summer morning. His wife Allison is just lovely, and Tenley is absolutely precious. Her cheeks are just something you could squeeze all day long. We began the day by taking family portraits in the park before moving to the ceremony and ending with portraits of all those in attendance.

The entire morning was filled with so much love for little Tenley and catching up with the entire Fitzsimmons family was so great. Both his mom and sister are the kind of people you may not have seen for years, but the second you see them you feel as if you had just had lunch with them the day before. I could go on about what a wonderful event it was, but I’ll let the pictures tell the story. Many blessings for you and your entire family Tenley!


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