Rachel and Michael are just one of those couples that look at each other and you can tell how in love they are. It’s in their eyes. And it’s pretty damn cute. I am so thankful these two chose me to capture that love for them!
They chose to do their photos at sunrise in Charleston. Now downtown Charleston is always a place that is pretty magical, but there’s something so serene about it when you’re some of the only people around to soak in its beauty. Just take a look at how the sun was shining in through the trees at White Point Gardens and you’ll understand what I mean. But also take a peak at how these two look at each other, and you’ll also understand what I mean about just how in love these two are. And love stories, those are my jam.

Rachel and Michael, your Cannon Green wedding is going to be amazing. But not because of the venue, the flowers, the details, or anything else. It’s going to amazing because of the two of you. And I can’t wait to tell that story for you. Thank you.


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