p-r-engagment-30There are those moments when you literally just want to jump up down. Run up and down the hall laughing and crying all at once. Call the people who mean the most to you. Pop a bottle of champagne. Or all of the above. And I had one of those moments a month ago when Pam emailed me to let me know that she and Ryan had chosen ME as their wedding photographer. Why is this a big deal? Because it will be my first wedding. And they trusted me to capture it perfectly for them. It was a pinch myself moment.

When I started talking to Pam about where she’d like to take her engagement photos, she mentioned that she’d love to do them in Princeton and that she’d like some shots of her and Ryan talking over coffee because that is typical of a date they’d go on over the weekends. PERFECT! First of all, downtown Princeton is gorgeous and what a better way to capture their relationship than with what they actually do together. Let’s face it, being in front of the camera isn’t always easy, so anything that makes you feel natural is the perfect thing to do.

Pam & Ryan are the type of people that immediately feel like friends. They’re down to earth, genuine, and easy to talk to. Walking around the Princeton campus with them felt more like hanging out than anything else. They told me stories about how they met (college, through mutual friends), what they like to do (Ryan reads Harry Potter, I knew I liked him!), and about their wedding (Pam and her maids are wearing BHLDN dresses… SWOON), and by the end of their session I swear they had forgotten I was even there, that’s how comfortable they were in front of the camera.

I CANNOT WAIT to get these two back in front of my camera next April. Until then, enjoy their engagement session!




p-r-engagment-55 p-r-engagment-62





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