When was the last time you had photos done of just the two of you? This is what I ALWAYS say to couples when I photograph them and the answer is always the same…. our wedding. Which blows my mind! We tend to make so much time for our kids and photos of them, that things like couple photos gets put on the back burner. So being a photographer her, Meghan knew it was important to her to make that time for herself and Nathan when they traveled to Charleston solo and gift themselves photos just of the two of them.

Meghan and Nathan have three boys at home, but this time spent in Charleston was all about them. I saw on Meghan’s instagram the CUTEST little Airbnb the two of them were staying at, and it seriously made me want to take a vacation in my own town. Being married for almost 10 years these two have a super cute and fun banter, and I absolutely adored walking around downtown Charleston and getting to know them better. They were so easy to talk to and made it seem like I was just hanging out with old friends.

Down near Rainbow Row, an older couple stopped to admire Meghan and Nathan as I took their photos and I couldn’t help but think about how I hope when Meghan and Nathan get to that stage in their relationship that this time spent in Charleston will be something they look back at captured in these photos and remember way back when. That’s why it’s important to make time for just the two of you, and anniversary sessions are one of my new favorite sessions to shoot. And this one in particular will always make me smile! So Meghan and Nathan, I can’t gift you another vacation away from the hustle and bustle that is life with three boys, but I can gift you these photos to look back on and remember a time when it really was just the two of you.


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