When you meet at a local bar for a drink or two before the engagement session with both the couple AND one of your great friends who happens to also be their planner, you know it’s going to be a great session! And that’s exactly what happened with Kelly and Stephen’s engagement shoot. We met up before hand at Blind Tiger in downtown Charleston along with their planner, and my friend, Nicki, of Nicki Paige Collection. Even though it was the first time either Nicki or I had met this sweet couple, sitting their chatting away with them, it felt like they were old friends.

When we finished up there, the three of us said goodbye to Nicki and began walking around downtown Charleston. Kelly and Stephen told me about going to their wedding venue, Cannon Green for the the first time, where Kelly’s mom cried upon seeing the venue. They recalled first meeting at their first jobs out of college when they were both on the same team. But perhaps my favorite story of all was when they told me how Stephen proposed to Kelly at Disney World surrounded by family. Could there be a more magical way to propose?
Kelly and Stephen, I absolutely cannot wait until your big day in a few months! I am counting down the days, and know it’s going to be absolutely fantastic!!


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