Some couples are just meant to be. I truly believe that. And in the case of Jensie and John Michael, they are one of those examples of couples who were probably destined to be together from the very beginning. Because these two have known each other since high school! And you guys. They were prom dates. And in about a month they’re going to be married! I can’t get over just how amazing that is.
When I first arrived to their family beach house on Isle of Palms, they began telling me all about their relationship and how they actually took their prom photos on the very porch of the house we were in. They even pulled up photos for me on their i phones, so of course we had to recreate it!! The very first photos we took were of the two of them standing in the exact same place and the exact same pose they had stood in all those years before. It was the perfect start to our evening together.
In April, when Jensie and John Michael are married at Boone Hall Plantation, they’ll once again be walking out on to a dance floor together, and that is a moment I’ll definitely be anticipating. Because during our session, these two busted out into old school ballroom dancing and it was amazing you guys! No don’t quote me on exactly what style of ballroom it was, but if I were to guess I might say it was the jitterbug?! All I know is that I CANNOT wait for them to do it again, only this time in their suit and dress.
Jensie and John Michael, walking around the beach with the two of you was an absolute pleasure. The sunset really showed off for us that night, but honestly the most beautiful part of the evening was watching the two of you interact. It’s so abundantly clear to me that the two of you were put on this Earth to be with each other. From the little kisses you stole, to the smiles you reserved just for each other, it was beautiful to watch. So what do you say we do it all over again in April?! I CAN’T WAIT!!!


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