Five years ago I never could have imagined where this life would take us, Tyler Claude Dye. In that moment, I was the happiest I could have ever been. I don’t think I stopped smiling from ear to ear for a second that day. Because it was you at the end of that aisle.

Five years ago today, I knew you would always be the person I couldn’t live this life without. I knew I wanted to have a hear the pitter patter of the feet of whole bunch of little babies who looked like you and hopefully got your sense of humor.

Five years ago today, I knew that when I said the words for better or worse, it meant that whatever happened in the coming years, this was for the long haul.

Five years ago today, I also knew I wanted to go on adventures with you that I wouldn’t go on with anyone else.

So here we are five years later and it’s even more evident I can’t life this life without you. Not just because you solve any IT problem, do our taxes, and clean the house so that it ACTUALLY gets clean – three things I clearly have no business doing – but because whens something good happens, when something bad happens, when something exciting happens, you are always the first person I want to call.

Five years later, that pitter patter of little feet has turned on to full on stomping through our house in the form of Hurricane Hudson. And even on the hardest days of parenting it’s the best thing we’ve ever done together.

Five years later we’ve been through our worst worse – my postpartum depression where you literally helped me function at times. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t easy, and there were times when it felt like it was some cruel joke the universe was playing on not just me, but us. But you were there and you were strong when it felt like I couldn’t be. I hope that is as bad as it gets for the two of us, but if it isn’t, it was just an example of what it means to buckle down during the storm, ride it out, and marvel at the beauty of a rainbow that can result from the chaos.

And five years later we’ve been on a lot of great adventures together – most recently moving to Charleston, something I never would have done without you, but now something I can’t imagine NOT doing. You push me out of my comfort zones in the best ways possible.

Five years later, you are still the love of my life. And in the great words of Linda Rondstadt and Aaron Neville (because really who needs a romantic Ed Sheeran or John Legend wedding song when you have the best of the 80s?), “I don’t know much. But I know I love you. And that may be all I need to know.”

Happy Fifth Anniversary, Tyler. Let’s keep this thing going for at least 55 more.



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