Let me tell you a few things about Elin… even though you’ll most definitely will be able to tell the same exact things by looking at exactly one photo of her. 1. She looks like a babydoll. 2. She has the most beautiful blue eyes. Seriously, eyes for days. 3. She is a little lady on the move. That last one should be expected, as Elin recently turned celebrated her first birthday, which these sweet family photos of her, dad Jeremy, and mom Laura in historic, downtown Charleston were captured to celebrate. And again, as to be expected, she was happiest when able to do her own thing, which let me snag some adorable photos of this lady on a mission to move.

Another thing you should know about the Berman family session is that we took these photos on one of the hottest Charleston mornings we experienced all summer. SO. DARN. HOT. But that is one thing you WON’T be able to tell by looking at the photos because the three of them were just the best sports. We laughed about the heat as we walked around downtown and let little Elin lead the way. Jeremy and Laura even introduced me to a (at least to me) hidden ally that I had never ventured into before that looked like a little tropical oasis in the middle of Charleston with greenery all around.

We ended the morning back at the Berman house where I captured a few photos of the adorable nursery that Laura and Jeremy put together for Elin before she arrived a year ago. I am SO HAPPY Laura decided to let me take some pictures of the nursery for them to have as keepsakes because as a mom that is about to transition a nursery into a little boy room I know how special these memories will be for them. Not to mention it contained the sweetest details including colorful versions of classic novels, personalized book ends in Elin’s initials, and tiny moccasins – totally on trend in Millennial Pink I may add – that just made it a dream to photograph.

Jeremy and Laura, thank you for not only braving the heat, but for trusting me with these memories of your little girl. I can’t wait to see the little lady she becomes in the years to come!

2017-10-09_0009.jpg2017-10-09_0004.jpg2017-10-09_0005.jpg2017-10-09_0007.jpg2017-10-09_0008.jpg2017-10-09_0010.jpg2017-10-09_0011.jpg2017-10-09_0013I just had to include this one because it’s totally the one Elin is going to laugh at in ten years… #toddlerlife2017-10-09_0012.jpg2017-10-09_00132017-10-09_00172017-10-09_00142017-10-09_00152017-10-09_00162017-10-09_00182017-10-09_00192017-10-09_00202017-10-09_00212017-10-09_00222017-10-09_00232017-10-09_00252017-10-09_00262017-10-09_00272017-10-09_00282017-10-09_00292017-10-09_00302017-10-09_0031


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