Have you ever had an instance where two people just stop you in your tracks? That’s exactly what happened when Caroline and Jasper came around the corner of the Mills House to meet me for their engagement photos. Caroline was dressed to kill in a stunning white jumpsuit, and Jasper didn’t look so bad himself. We got to chatting and I even learned that Caroline sewed the ribbon straps on her outfit herself. For someone who would have to hire someone to sew a button back on for them, you could say I was pretty impressed!
We shot their engagement photos around the holidays and getting some of the festive decorations that were hung up around Charleston was something Caroline and Jasper were excited about. And let me tell you, so was I! It was so much fun to get in the holiday spirit and embrace the green and red of the season. And when you add the two of these two dancing and twirling in front of the most beautiful Christmas garland you’ve ever seen? Pure magic.
Caroline and Jasper, I can’t wait to do this all over again at the Gadsden House. The playfulness and love the two of you share is just so much stinking fun to photograph. You two truly do light up around each other. It’s my favorite thing about the two of you! Thank you for letting me be a part of all of this with you!


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