I have to admit I have never been the girl who thinks pregnancy is all sorts of beautiful. Especially this second go around.  It was a pretty rough the first trimester with all day sickness, that came back every few days in my third trimester as well. It at times just wasn’t pretty.

So when Clair of Clair Shorter Photography asked me if I’d be interested in an in home life maternity session, I was SO CLOSE to saying no. The day these photos were taken I was already 39 weeks pregnant, and I have to admit, I was pretty much over it. I was uncomfortable, not sleeping much, and y’all, I was straight up waddling.

But I’m SO HAPPY I didn’t say no because Clair is insanely talented at what she does, makes you feel so comfortable being in front of her camera, and has the sweetest disposition ever. She may have even made me believe in the beauty of pregnancy. Or at least the beauty in the the time I spent carrying sweet little one!

Just 8 days after these were taken we welcomed our sweet boy Beckham Murphy Dye to the world, and just 10 days after that Clair was back in my house taking newborn photos of the baby and family photos of all four of us, which I also can’t wait to share with you! But in the meantime, thank you Clair, for giving me the gift of these photos, even when it was a gift I didn’t know I wanted until they arrived in my inbox. You are truly amazing! 


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