Whenever I talk with couples about the timing of their engagement sessions, I always give them the choice of doing it at sunrise or close to sunset. Nine times out of ten everyone chooses to do it at sunset. And listen, I get it! I’m a night owl by nature, so getting up before it’s light out isn’t necessarily my idea of fun. But Ashley and Tony were one of the rare couples who chose to do their photos at sunrise. And man oh man! When you see the pastel colors painting the sky as the sun rose on these two, you’ll know right away that they made the right decision.

Walking around the Battery and downtown with Ashley and Tony was like walking around with old friends. And with these two coming all the way to Charleston from San Diego to get married, letting them know they had a friend in me was highly important. And I must say, Ashley definitely understands me as a person. She recently Dmed me what has to have been my favorite meme ever, one of Gerry from Netflix’s Cheer. The girl just gets me!!! Ashley, that MADE my day!
Ashley and Tony, I can’t wait for your wedding in a few short months at Olde Wide Awake. That place is so stinking gorgeous, but I already know it’s going to be nothing compared to the two of you!! Only 81 more days to go. But who’s counting?!?!


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