I will never forgot walking in to Vintage Coffee company last year to meet up with Alex and her mom to discuss the possibility of shooting her wedding to Bryson. Why? Because this girl has a smile that lights up a room. She’s bubbly, friendly, and most definitely the embodiment of a #kdyebride!

Fast forward a few months when it was time to photograph her and Bryson for their engagement photos. My good friend Gladyxa, who’s an amazing photographer, had already had the pleasure of photographing the two love birds on a different occasion. She let me know that I was going to LOVE the two of them together because Bryson would have us all laughing the whole time. And y’all, she was right!

As we walked around I’on in Mount Pleasant, we laughed, talked Clemson football, chatted about the wedding, and generally¬† just had a great time. But how did I know that I was not the only one that thought these two were so much fun and friendly? We ended up running into a family friend of Bryson. And while he could have just chatted with us and sent us on our way, what did he do? Invited us to shoot in the courtyard in his backyard!!! It was a testament to Alex and Bryson and their inviting dispositions.

Alex and Bryson, I can’t wait to shoot your wedding! If your engagement session is any indication it’s going to be fun, filled with laughs, and a day we’ll all never forget!!


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