What if you could get hours of your life back?

What if you could get hours of your life back?

Get the exact email templates I use to kick off an UNFORGETTABLE Client Experience that creates Ride or Dye Clients for life, all while taking the guess work out of what to say and how to say it.

It's time to stop recreating the wheel

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The Wedding Experience 
Email Templates Collection


You've got better things to do than be hanging out in your inbox all day!! Why not grab these done for you, personality packed, designed to excite, prep, and build confidence in your clients emails instead? We like to call this a no brainer.

"I received an inquiry right after getting these templates and was able to implement them immediately! The client responded SO fast and quickly wanted to schedule a consultation! 

— emma

"These emails helped me step up my Client  Experience!"

I found myself typing the same messages to different clients over and over again.  I watched my husband take my kids outside while I answered  questions, responded to inquiries, and went back and forth with clients about the SAME things.

I once was spending my days in my email  inbox too.

And then one day i realized just how crazy it all was. So I sat down to come up with a better way. 

because guess what...

I need these

Never type up the same email ever again. You'll get everything you need  to answer all the questions your clients need to know ensuring the back and forth ping pong game of emails is over for good.

There's no reason emails have to be boring. In fact, photography sessions are something to get excited about, which means your emails should be too! Guarantee a smile from your clients  with emails they actually want to open.

The Solution You've Been Searching For

Time Saving 

Personality Packed

Gone are the days of losing out on an inquiry because you weren't the first to respond. With these templates in your back pocket, you'll be replying in minutes, putting you top of mind and the one to beat out for the job! 

Book More Clients

Show your clients you have their back from the very start by answering questions they didn't even know they had, letting your expertise shine through. That way they show up to their session feeling their best and ready to go.

Build Trust & Confidence

And then everything changed

It's Easy Breezy

Personality packed copy,  exactly  what to say, and when to say it is one click away.

Download your templates

I've highlighted exactly where to  easily change up specific info to fit  your brand and business. 

Add that personal touch 

In less time than it takes to binge  one episode of your fave show, these will be sitting in your clients' inboxes! 

Hit send

"These emails have saved me so much time from sitting in front of my computer. I can't thank Kate enough."


is getting her life back

real results

Hired Someone Else 

Onboarding After Contract is Signed

Engagement Session Prep

Engagement Session Sneak Peak

Six Months Until Wedding

Engagement Session Delivery

You'll get access to 21 email templates including:

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You’re Already Booked Inquiry Response

Wedding Inquiry Response

Inquiry Follow Up

Consultation Prep 

Post Consultation Thanks

Proposal with Contract and Invoice

One Year Until Wedding Countdown

Three Months Until Wedding & 
Wedding Questionnaire

Six Weeks Until Wedding & 
Timeline Delivery

One Week Until Wedding & 
Final Reminders

Wedding Day Sneak Peek

Vendor Thank You & Sneak Peek

Full Wedding Gallery Delivery & Blog Post


Let's Do This Thing!

Give me those templates

Take the guess work out of it all with swipe copy you can start using TODAY!

Ready to  take back  your time?

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