To Kick Off An Unforgettable Experience

To Kick Off An Unforgettable Experience

Educate and prep your couples for their Engagement Session in a way that ensures confidence and trust in your expertise, and let's them know you that you have their back from the very start!

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The Engagement Experience Guide


Everything you need to create an easy breezy, stress free, and FUN experience for your Clients' engagement sessions is waiting fo you in this guide. It's time to ensure you have clients that are confident in themselves, trusting of you, and ready to have the time of their lives behind your camera every single time.

With a drag and drop Canva design, practical tips, personality packed copy, and gorgeous inspiration, The Engagement Experience Guide is exactly what your missing to make sure your couples are showing up prepared, well dressed, excited, and without a doubt in their heads that you’re the photographer who truly cares about THEM and not just their photos! 

I felt like I wasn't attracting my Ride or Dye clients, the ones who trusted me and valued my expertise. Comparing myself to the hundreds of photographers in my area and just not sure how to stand out.  I knew in order to keep going I had to raise my prices, but just wasn't sure how...

Struggling to create the experience my clients deserve.

And then one day I created this guide... and everything changed!

I've been right where you are..

An Elevated Client Experience that makes them super excited about working with you at their wedding!

The magic behind it all! 

Create more confident clients for better results leaving them RAVING about not just their images, but also YOU!



What are the benefits of having the ENgagement Expereince guide?
(I'm so glad you asked!)

Get back HOURS of your life with less back and forth by answering your clients' questions BEFORE they even have time to ask!


Build trust with your clients before the actual session through your knowledge and expertise, creating clients who are ready to SHINE!


Elevate your value, stand out from the crowd, and book more clients in the process. Talk about a WIN WIN!



"Before having this Guide, I was struggling to explain to my clients how to come prepared to their session in every way. I sent out this guide to my next engagement session and my client RAVED about how thorough it was and how it answered all of their questions! I cant WAIT to send it to more clients, and have them feel confident and prepared."

—bridget, Wedding & Portrait Photographer

"the Engagement Experience Guide is the perfect addition to my client experience!" 

Can you NOT stand the cumbersome and confusing experience of InDesign? SAME! That's why I made this Guide in Canva just for you.  Customize all 25 GORGEOUS pages with drag and drop ease that will have you sending out your Guide in no time!

Gone are the days of formal, stuffy, and boring copy. My personality packed copy that sets you up as the expert, Hype person and friend that has your clients back is waiting for you. Don't stare at a blinking cursor ever again because it's all done for you. 

The Guide You Didn't Know You Needed

Customizable in Canva

Fun Swipe Copy

New to Canva? No worries. I've created a 10 minute, easy to consume tutorial that will teach you everything you need to make this Guide your own!

Easy to Learn Tutorial

Everything you'll get In

I'm Kate, your Ride or Dye educator, here to teach you how to create an elevated & consistent Client Experience that sets you  up for your own version of success!  

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A year from now you
will have wished you had just started building a Client Experience you believe in...

There is nothing stopping you!

"This is my day. This is my time to go after it all."


This      for you if:

you want to level up your client experience with more confidence

you're fine with having clients show up feeling unprepared and nervous

You want to stand out from the crowd with more than just pretty 

you want to blend in with an oversaturated market

You are ready to charge your worth and be valued in the way you deserve

It's probably       for you if...

You're okay with people questioning your prices and looking for discounts



It's probably
for you if...

"I am so grateful for this guide and how it sets me apart! It saves so much back and forth and instills confidence for my clients to feel like total babes at their session. THIS IS SO WORTH IT!"


can't get enough of it

real results



Drag and Drop to Customize in Less time than it takes to watch an episode
of the bachelorette...

Because the hard work is
done for you! 

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While I truly believe in how much this Guide can change things for the better, I understand the importance of making great investments for your business. Shoot me an email or slide into my DMs with any questions. But if you're ready to change your Client Experience TODAY?!? Well then...

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